Wonderwalls Festival – 2017 Recap

From 24 to 26 November we were in Wollongong watching concrete walls, underground parking areas, and building exteriors transforming into vibrant street murals for the 2017 instalment of Wonderwalls Festival. If you’re not yet aware of this yearly happening, Wonderwalls is a three-day art festival in Wollongong that aims to inspire and bring local communities […]

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Wonderwalls Festival – Port Adelaide

Wonderwalls is back in Port Adelaide for 2017 with another heavy-hitting lineup of international and local faces. Featuring: Amanda Lynn, Brigid Noone, Claire Foxton, Elizabeth Close, Fats, Fortrose, Fuzeillear, Georgia Hill, Inti, Jake Logos, Jimmy C, KAB101, MASIKA126, MERDA, Mimby Jones, MUCHOS, Natalia Rak, NUMSKULL, Mimi, Rick Hayward, Sam Songailo, Telmo Meil, VANS THE OMEGA & ZEDR

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Re-Up Supply Ironlak Wollongong Australia

Support your local – Re-Up Supply (Wollongong, NSW)

Brick and mortar retail plays a vital role in any brand’s distribution chain. The majority of Ironlak’s product moves via the shelves of localised, independent graffiti, skate and art shops. These small business owners are our front-line hustlers, the link between our warehouse and our community. They’re the ones that grind it out on the

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Wonderwalls Festival 2015 – Recap Video

Wonderwalls Festival came to Wollongong for yet another year featuring some of the best in the biz. SOFLES, LINZ, REALS, MEKS, BERST, Vans The Omega, Felipe Pantone, Guido Van Helten, BAFCAT, Amok Island, BMD, DVATE, Georgia Hill, Cam Scale, PHIBS, BONES, PUDL, SNARL, BLENDS, J2SKE, REUP Crew, Sam Clouston and Mikey Freedom all turned up

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Wonderwalls Festival – Wollongong, NSW (Recap)

A couple weeks back I found myself on an overpriced flight to Sydney en route to the third (kind of) annual Wonderwalls Festival in Wollongong (I say ‘kind of’ because WW skipped The Gong last year, instead gracing the walls of Port Adelaide, ahhhh whaddaya gonna do? I say potato, you say, “shut up and

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Gallery 5 Crown Lane | ‘WONDERWALLS’ (Exhibition) – Friday 9 November, 2012.

WONDERWALLS is a three day art festival presented by The Hours, Verb Syndicate and Ironlak, featuring some of Australia’s most well-known Low Brow artists. Kicks off Friday 9 November in Wollongong, New South Wales. On weekend of the 9th – 11th of November, Gallery 5 Crown Lane will be hosting an exhibition, an exclusive panel

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