Vans The Omega

Wonderwalls Festival – Port Adelaide

Wonderwalls is back in Port Adelaide for 2017 with another heavy-hitting lineup of international and local faces. Featuring: Amanda Lynn, Brigid Noone, Claire Foxton, Elizabeth Close, Fats, Fortrose, Fuzeillear, Georgia Hill, Inti, Jake Logos, Jimmy C, KAB101, MASIKA126, MERDA, Mimby Jones, MUCHOS, Natalia Rak, NUMSKULL, Mimi, Rick Hayward, Sam Songailo, Telmo Meil, VANS THE OMEGA & ZEDR […]

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Ironlak New Zealand

Watch: BERST Workshop Series – ‘The Giant Walls’

‘The Giant Walls’ – a project created in Massey High School, located on the northern boundary of west Auckland. Sarah Candler, the schools Behaviour support staff contacted Bobby about creating an opportunity for students to participate in a creative project. The project involved nine artists from the world renowned TMD Crew and 16 junior students

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Ironlak Roller Mural

RE:DISCOVER 2016 – Bunbury, WA

Bunbury based collective Six Two Three Zero organised RE:DISCOVER 2016; an annual walking street art festival created to showcase established Australian & International artists through the painting & exhibiting of exterior murals in the streets of Bunbury’s CBD. This year Ironlak Family Members ASKEW & VANS The OMEGA joined numerous other talented artists in blessing

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Wonderwalls Festival 2015 – Recap Video

Wonderwalls Festival came to Wollongong for yet another year featuring some of the best in the biz. SOFLES, LINZ, REALS, MEKS, BERST, Vans The Omega, Felipe Pantone, Guido Van Helten, BAFCAT, Amok Island, BMD, DVATE, Georgia Hill, Cam Scale, PHIBS, BONES, PUDL, SNARL, BLENDS, J2SKE, REUP Crew, Sam Clouston and Mikey Freedom all turned up

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Reals, Wonderwalls Festival, Wollongong, graffiti

Wonderwalls Festival – Wollongong, NSW (Recap)

A couple weeks back I found myself on an overpriced flight to Sydney en route to the third (kind of) annual Wonderwalls Festival in Wollongong (I say ‘kind of’ because WW skipped The Gong last year, instead gracing the walls of Port Adelaide, ahhhh whaddaya gonna do? I say potato, you say, “shut up and

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Berst Ironlak Graffiti

Wonderwalls Festival – Wollongong 2015

Wonderwalls Festival returns to Wollongong for another year – three days of live painting, exhibits and discussion. The three day festival will kick off on Friday, 2 October 2015 and run through until Sunday, 4 October. This year SOFLES, Lee Harnden, BERST, MEKS, REALS and VANS The OMEGA will join Felipe Pantone, Guido Van Helten,

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ASKEW, BERST, PHAT1, Christchurch, ironlak

Ironlak Family Tour – New Zealand (Day one)

I’m super hyped to be back in New Zealand for this whirlwind Ironlak Family tour with VANS the OMEGA from Adelaide and Kiwi Lak Fam; ASKEW, BERST and PHAT1. We rolled into Christchurch yesterday, linked up with local champs FREAK and IKARUS and got straight into some pre-game painting. I feel really lucky to have

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Ironlak Family Tour – New Zealand

We’re crossing the ditch with VANS the OMEGA (Adelaide) for a whirlwind tour of New Zealand! We’ll be joining forces with ASKEW, BERST and PHAT1 to hit events across the land of the long white paint cloud. NZ heads stay tuned for more information coming soon! The details: Embassy (Christchurch) 7 August Cheapskates (Wellington) 8

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Rehlhatna Dubai – World’s Longest Graffiti Scroll Ironlak Family Luke Shirlaw

Watch: Rehlhatna, Dubai – World’s Longest Graffiti Scroll

In November 2014, as the people of the United Arab Emirates were gearing up to celebrate their 43rd year as a country, the Ironlak Family set off towards the Middle East from their respective corners of the globe. In Dubai the Lak Fam joined over 100 artists from around the world in an ambitious attempt

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