Ironlak HQ

Farewell Dymsy

Luke Shirlaw

If you hadn’t heard of Luke Shirlaw or ‘Dyms’ before, you haven’t been paying close enough attention to Ironlak. Luke has been the creative backbone of the Ironlak brand from it’s conception in 2002 to present day. We often joke in the office about what Ironlak would be without him; and we must say, it’d

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DOES Ironlak Art & Design Chermside Brick in the Wall graffiti mural

DOES ‘Brick in the Wall’ at Ironlak Chermside

Early April, Ironlak Art & Design opened its doors inside Westfield Chermside – a major shopping mall on the north side of Brisbane. This is our third Ironlak flagship store in Australia, and firmly cements our foundation as a new breed of art supplies retail – a place you can visit to get inspired, and

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EWOK MSK HM Ironlak Pump Action Paint Markers graffiti illustration

EWOK in the Ironlak Studio

American artist EWOK (MSK, HM, Ironlak Family) creates a vibrant illustration at the Ironlak Studio in Brisbane, Australia. Ironlak Pump Action Paint Markers were used to create all the outlines and finer details – with Sugar Artists’ Acrylic spray paint putting down the background fades and base layers through a series of hand cut paper

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Don’t Fence me In - Ironlak New Zealand BNF FEDUP

Don’t Fence Me In – BNF & FEDUP Take the Scenic Route

ATACK, DWANE, FRITZ and KLUE ride through the wide open country of New Zealand’s beautiful south island. Fuelled exclusively by a diet of pies, Tui beer and Ironlak, the group explore the stunning landscape and turn loose on the exotic variety of rolling stock the island has to offer. “Send me off forever, but I

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KEMS spraycation Ironlak chrome

Watch: KEMS & GOMER – Spraycation

In a peculiar meeting of friendship and styles, our all chrome aficionado, KEMS, welcomed a visit from Parisian good-guy GOMER in April. He arrived as Boston’s winter was going the way of the groundhog, the locals hoping it wouldn’t see its shadow and curse them with another six weeks of winter. Rather than stay to

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