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It’s the vivid colour and thick texture suited to wood surfaces that make Ironlak Artists’ Aryclics Amy Crow’s creative tool of choice. Painting is a tactile expression, and the textural properties of the paint you use makes a monumental impact on the final piece. Brisbane’s own Amy Crow is a visual weapon, running at multiple creative disciplines to express her signature style through illustration, painting and digital design. We spent an afternoon in Amy’s studio documenting the process of her wood canvas portrait of Reilly Dolman.

Artist: @amycrow_design

How would you describe your creative style in one sentence?
Adaptable, versatile and highly experimental.

Tell us about the piece you’ve created?
This is a portrait of Reilly Dolman from TV series, Travellers. I binged the first season in a day and had been waiting for season 2, it hit, I binged then felt the hangover again. I was really intrigued with Phillips’ character and really just started crushing out on him as an actor.

Why acrylics over oils?
Acrylics are fast drying and easy to water back. Oils take layers, there’s some hectic techniques that I haven’t been taught or haven’t yet learnt. One day though!

What are your favourite colours to use, and why?
1.Payne’s Grey – because I don’t use black, and Payne’s washes back to this really beautiful blue grey.
2.Oink Pink – because it’s bright and lush.
3. Buff Titanium – because it’s got more personality than plain white.

Where do you draw inspiration for your work?
People mainly, I love portraits and how you can convey complex emotion with colour, shading and line work.

What’s coming up for Amy in 2018?
More painting, more design, screen printing, murals and pop ups! As much as I can make happen!







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