KATRE & friends at ‘Place De La Republique’ in Paris

KATRE took the lead on this project at ‘Place De La Republique’ in Paris. He got together with RETRO, HOBZ, NEBAY, ASTRO, KANOS, SETHONE, SWIZ, SHANE, ALEXONE, LEK, SOWAT, HOCTEZ, LIARD, TCHEKO, POPAY, KATRE, SHICK & LEGZ to paint the 300 square metre that wall will stand for six months during the reconstruction of a new Café.

Watch the video: ironlak.com/2015/06/katre-frenchkiss-la-republique/

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SIRUM – ‘Omnituens’

SIRUM painted this Southern Boobook Owl, common across Australia though rarely seen. The word ‘Omnituens’ Is Latin for ‘All Seeing’. The Owl is significant as its symbology is very important across many different cultures past and present. It symbolises protection / wisdom and is one of the most highly regarded animal spirit guardians.



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‘Style Busters 3’ Recap – Lens, France

Lens played host to the third annual Style Busters event a couple of weeks ago. The competition was fierce with 303, SHANE, CIKY, GOMR, KATRE, MAS LEGRANDCRU, NAMUR, SARONER and SER.

SAR took out first place this year earning him a well deserved 60 Ironlak cans.

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John Kaye – ‘Nevermind’ Exhibition (Sydney, Australia)

Celebrated Australian artist, John Kaye will present 50 new, unseen works for his latest series ‘Nevermind’ on Monday 6th July at Goodspace gallery, Sydney.

By examining the Medieval Latin theory, memento mori under a new light, ‘Nevermind’ showcases a representation of freedom and the forthcoming uncertainty of the future.

Transposing his experiences gained from living as a traveller into a series of souvenir style images, each new work represents a moment in time, reflecting on past encounters and escapades.

Working with acrylic, watercolour, aerosol and ink, John Kaye combines elements of his early graffiti and street influence with modern style characters and creative colour schemes.

In conjunction with the ‘Nevermind’ exhibition, John Kaye will release a limited edition run of 150 unseen zines, each featuring a collection of illustrations and photography from his recent travels. The zine will be available exclusively at Goodspace gallery for the duration of the ‘Nevermind’ exhibition.

The details:

John Kaye – ‘Nevermind’ Exhibition
Goodspace – Level 1, 115 Regent St, Chippendale, NSW
Celebration drinks Wednesday 8th July 6PM
Open for viewing 2PM – 4PM Monday 6th July and 1PM – 4PM Tuesday 7th July.
Contact info@goodspace.co for more information or for sales enquiries
@johnkayeart www.johnkayeart.com

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