WATCH: DOES – Worlds Largest Graffiti Styled Collage @ Voilà München, Germany 2021

Digital Does – “Voila! I took a plunge and embraced a new challenge and I’d love to share the results with you!

When curator Yasha Young approached me with the question if I wanted to make a large scale collage, my first thought was ‘how?’. Where was I supposed to start?
Although I didn’t think it was possible at first, my wife Sanne convinced me to take the plunge. As soon as I opened up to it, the image of what the collage could become started to form in my head. From experience I know that if I can visualize something, then I can make it happen.

I am not easily pleased with a result, but with this piece the result is better than I had hoped for. It is full of energy, power, color and hope. While it is made of pieces of paper, it has my signature allover and its roots in graffiti.

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‘Voila’ will be exhibited in the lobby of Poellath in Munich till October.

Hofstatt 1 (Eingang: Färbergraben 16)
80331 München, Germany