LISTEN: BEERS BEATS & THE BIZ Ep.75 In Between the Lines featuring Johnny Duel

From the BB&TB Team – “We are honoured to be joined by Melbourne’s style master, Duel of AKA and TMM for the 75th instalment of Beers, Beats & The Biz.

This is a classic conversation with an icon of hip hop culture in Australia, one of the true originals, Duel takes us from the early days of B-Boying and graffiti in Melbourne and delivers some amazing stories about some crazy times.

The ghetto rock breakers, meeting Pest, joining AKA, TMM, chase stories, Burnley Abattoirs and The Chemical Lab, Preston Tech’s Colour Transition, doing wholecars in Macleod yards, the Sprayed Conflict movie and a whole lot more.

Duel is candid and hilarious, and we can’t thank him enough for this monumental conversation and all he’s contributed.”