Watch: EWOK and DMOTE at Style Discipline, Puerto Rico 2019

As the 2020 edition of Style Discipline gets closer in the calendar, we’ve been throwing back and highlighting some videos from past events. Last year, Ironlak Family member, EWOK visited the island and painted a whole lotta graffiti with fellow RVCA ANP advocate DMOTE.

As showcased in this video by RVCA’s Artist Network Program, the duo linked up on full colour pieces at the official jam, ran through some chromes in bando-style spots, and some other tings in-between. It’s action-packed island adventures, that’s for true. Watch out for the classic EWOK jump man shotty. There must be something in all that juice, nah sayin’¿!

Style Discipline is the largest international graffiti festival in the Caribbean with over 30 local and international graffiti artists painting live. The jam commemorates the lives of PUN18 and Scan. This year’s event will be held in March in Puerto Rico, which, for those light on geography, is an island located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Book your flights.

Video and photos by Brandon Jensen for RVCA

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