A Look Inside Can’t Do Tomorrow Festival – Recap #1

The inaugural Can’t Do Tomorrow event opened with a bang last week in the Melbourne suburb of Kensington. The art-fair-meets-street-art-festival saw the complete transformation of a multi-level warehouse by over 100 artists from Melbourne and abroad.

The festival finishes today, so it’s your last chance to catch it in person. Grab tickets to visit one of the sessions or catch the closing night warehouse party tonight. Visit cantdotomorrow.com/tickets for more info.

The interior of The Facility is pretty intense. As you can imagine, 100 artists working in one space, means a lot of artwork created! The artist list we have looks like this: Alyce, Amanda Valdes, Aurora Campbell, Callum Preston, Cax One, Celout, Chehehe, Chuck Mayfield, Civil, Conrad Bizjak, Creature Creature, Damien Mitchell, Daniel OToole, David Lee Periera, DELA, Dominic Taranto, Dominique Antony, DRAPL, DRIVER, Dscreet, ELLE, Facter, Fausto, George Rose, Georgie Secull, GIGI, Glen Downey, Haser, Hayden Dewar, Heesco, ILWUN, Itch, Jack Douglas, Jason Parker, JESWRI, John Murray, Justine McAllister, Kaff-Eine, Kaitlin Beckett, Kasper, Kate Pullen, Kirpy, Lachlan Phillips, Ling, Lisa King, Lucy Lucy, Meggs, Michael Fikaris, Michael Peck, Mick Porter, Miles, Mysterious Al, Nolij, NongPop, PAINK, Phibs, Pierre Lloga, Poise, Porno, Resio, Robyn Grove, Roq Draw, Russkidd, Shock Jr, Silkroy, Steve Leadbeater, Stiff Ives, Sugar, Tayla Broekman, Tinky, Toggles, Unwell Bunny, and Weitwo. Plus there’s an installation of artwork by Shepard Fairy, and the SSR freight train outside.

Here’s a look at some of the first photos from the event. Stay tuned for more soon. And if you’re in Melbourne today, get there before it’s too late.

PHOTOS: p1xels and Shannyn Higgins

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