VIZIE | ‘Greater Than The Sum’ Exhibition.

VIZIE, New York City, Event, Ironlak

“Graffiti is vast in what it offers. It isn’t just one dimensional. That is what I want people to see even if they don’t know a lot about graffiti, or even if they think they do. It’s a form that has offered me so much in educating who I am, the way I look at the world.” -Vizie.

After 18 years in graffiti, VIZIE has honed his skills in the fine art world to bring us the “textures and layers” of New York City in his ‘Greater Than The Sum’ Exhibition in New York at & Associates Gallery.

If you’re in New York make sure you catch this while it’s on.

The details:

Opening Reception
March 5th, from 7-10PM

Open March 5-16th.

&Associates Gallery.
9 Clinton St, New York, NY. 10002.

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