The new bounty has arrived. (Australia.)

Our latest shipment of paint has arrived so you’ll soon be seeing a whole bunch of pink stickers in stores. We were stoked to see our office paint rack starting to fill up again.

66 colours with the new valves are shipping out to Australian stores asap. Unlike the first five colours to come with the pink stickers (Smoulder, Swamp, Isla Rose, Fantasia & Nitro), which just had a fixed valve, these new 60+ colours are the result of a bunch of new tweaking that we have done to improve our product. We’ve tested a bunch of cans from the new shipment and it’s time to get excited people, these are the ducks nuts!

But don’t just take our word for it, get to a store near you and look for the pink stickers.

Included in this new shipment are nine brand spanking NEW (aka never before released!) colours. See below for details. These will be available within the next week.


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