The Ironlak Graffiti Competition 2011 | Commendations – Part 1.

The Ironlak Graffiti Competition 2011 brought in some amazing entries. Many of these scored highly with our judges, and in some instances only missed out on a prize by a few points. While understanding that not every entry was able to win a prize, we feel that certain efforts should still be commended.

We’d like to share these with you and say thank you for the huge efforts and support from so many writers across the world!

Here’s the first round:

KAST and FORK – Harta, Hungary.

RESO and SHEDA – Toulouse, France.

RESO, SHEDA and REKOR – Toulouse, France.

SETIK and MEAR – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

MELOW – Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

TEK13, ASEB, NEIST and CEMO – London, United Kingdom.

SOBEK and KCIS – Vienna, Austria.

SIGH, POSTER, RYDER and REAF – Swindon, United Kingdom.

PLAQUE, AROC, SEMOR and MERO – Cologne, Germany.

CHEDO, DESK7 and SHAKA – Hamburg, Germany.

AMUK and ATCH – United Kingdom.

ORGH and WARIOS – Rome, Italy.

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