THE FAT CONTROLLER | ‘Four Corners: In Google We Trust ’.

Fatty, Mad Men, Ironlak

My wife happened to bring this story to my attention. For her, at first, it was alarming that this actually takes place, followed by excitement at the Ironlak plug towards the end of the doco.

If you have 45 minutes up your sleeve, I recommend you watch this and educate yourselves about how much of what you do online is tracked, stored and used.

I’d just like to encourage you to be aware and be careful. In most cases it’s probably just modern day ‘Mad Men’ understanding that consumers are far more sophisticated than the 60’s and adapting to persuade consumers to purchase their products.

However as graffiti writers we need to be aware of the data tracking that is taking place, how this is obtained, and what it maybe used for. The net is a wonderful tool, just understand what’s happening behind the scenes and that the laws that govern our freedoms don’t move as quickly as changes in the digital age.


Watch the full video HERE.

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