Somnambulists – Part 1: ‘Midnight in Milan’

Noun: A condition that is characterised by walking while asleep or in a hypnotic trance.

‘Somnambulists’ is a six part film series that follows the actions of RETRO & MAIDE on their recent winter adventure around Italy. The series takes a fresh approach to filming, editing and track selection which results in high-end filming gear, drone footage, slow cuts, and bleeding edge bass music taking you on a journey so intimate you’ll feel like you’re sitting on the tracks eating spaghetti bolognese.

In this episode, RETRO and MAIDE meet up with Milan local LORDZ for what would be their last painting session filmed for the series.

“We met up with Lordz for the first time in a little suburb in Milan. He jumped straight into the driver’s seat of our hire car and we took off. We ended up at a dope little food spot you would of never have found by yourself within a building complex that you wouldn’t expect to be open late at night. When we jumped back in the car I can’t remember if we took too long, or no one realised the time – but either we were late to the spot, or Lordz was keen to get back home really quick because we were speeding to the spot like we were getting chased by police and he wasn’t getting caught. Fortunately, by the time we got and into the spot things were super relaxed and chill enough to do a couple of panels and put a good end to our Italian road trip.” -RETRO

Shot: @tommyrolfe

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