Setting it straight.

(There have been far too many rumours regarding Ironlak of late)

Some facts about Ironlak:

Welcome to our new website, we hope you like our new look. The launch of this website ties in with the release of our brand new Rhodium Formula – a result of research, and amongst other things, your feedback from Project Alchemy.

Project Alchemy (cans marked with a green sticker) was conceived as a way of involving everyone in the creation and development of our new formula. The Project Alchemy formula we created was fine during our initial testing so this formula was confidently released into the market for user feedback.

As everyone is now aware, there have been some issues with this formula. Had we realised the extent of these, it would have never been released to the public. We are aware of the impact this has had on many of you and we are sincerely apologetic.

Allow us to explain why attempting to create a new formula was necessary:

Over the past four years our paint has been made in Australia and although many of you were happy with the level we had taken it to, many still weren’t satisfied with some of the product’s flaws. This was apparent due to the constant flow of emails regarding blocked caps and fading paint. This drove us to try and create a new and improved formula that would push our product to new levels and make everyone happy.

The main issues we needed to address were the blocking of nozzles, UV resistance, the ‘glugginess’ (or coagulation), and the overall vibrancy of our paints. After much research in Australia we realised these issues couldn’t be corrected here without increasing the cost of the can by a hell of a lot. Being that one of our goals is to provide quality at a cheap price, this potential price increase is something that we were not prepared to do.

After much consideration and some hesitation we realised that moving offshore was our best option. In Asia we have access to the highest grade pigments in the world, allowing us to offer much brighter, more vibrant colours and a much higher UV resistant (much less likely to fade) formula. It also offers us control over the manufacturing process, something we previously did not have using an outside supplier.

By completely redesigning our formula we can also offer a much smoother finish, (there’s none of that gluggy build up that old Ironlak had) while maintaining and even increasing the coverage of our sprays. You know things are looking up when Eureka covers as well as Smurf.

Admittedly our first attempt (Project Alchemy) has been a failure in some areas, however we are proud to say we have got it almost perfect with the Rhodium formula; which is only our second attempt at making the stuff ourselves. Again we apologise for the inconsistent quality we have delivered at times over the years, you know that we always get it right in the end. Please try a can of Rhodium (marked with a grey sticker) and let us know your thoughts. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Keeping the ball rollin’,

The Ironlak Family

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