Real Time Web Series: Episode 6 – TRAV MSK

The sixth episode of BERST’s Real Time Web Series sees the project expand from its base in New Zealand, to include an international focus. Los Angeles based writer TRAV MSK is the featured artist this time around, with ASKEW taking the reins on production.

The Real Time Web Series is a video project that showcases past and present graffiti writers from around the world. The series presents the writer’s real time working process, from start to finish, accompanied by a narration of answers to questions that have been created by an online audience.

Real Time Web Series – Episode 6 timecode index:
00:14 Background & History, 20:37 Influences & inspiration, 40:00 Style & Process, 01:03:23 Opinions & Advice. Best viewed in HD.

Roll the credits:
Film & Edit: Askew One TMD MSK – Instagram: @askewone
Artist: Trav MSK – Instagram: @travmsk
Music: Jamal (SWIDT) – Instagram: @jamalwuave

@gaiastreetart, @beanskii315, @rime_msk, @dirtysedue, @burgerhead_, @skreamthree, @seuzerone, @el_weachuchetumadre123, @berst_1, @gideon_sawyer, @lettersonrectangles, @chewylouie07, @ikskiwt, @p0l0e, @gnarlesbarkleyyy, @mrjiver, @chill.95, @lee.snaxx, @ol_dirty_comen, Jah Mclean, Rhys Dee, Shaun Funnell, Christian Christians, James Bro, Deow Owen, Steven Te Ahiwaka-Keil, Willem Van Buskirk, Louis Sullivan, Sam Evans, Mason Stephens, Nick Tam, Josh Young, Terance Patrick Hanna Va’a, Toby Josef Schumacher and Chatruce Yakas.

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