Real Time Web Series: Episode 5 – PHAT1 TMD SUK

“For me I thought graffiti was my life. Graffiti is my identity, graffiti is my family, graffiti is my tribe, hip hop is my language and this is who I am which is basically you saying that you’re an American, which is kind of true if you know what I mean, because that’s their culture. It was literally put on TV and we all copied.” –PHAT1 TMD SUK

The Real Time Web Series is a video project that showcases past and present graffiti writers from New Zealand. The series presents the writer’s real time working process, from start to finish, accompanied by a narration of answers to questions that have been created by an online audience.

Now getting deep into the series, for this fifth episode BERST TMD GBAK catches up with crew mate and fellow Ironlak Family member PHAT1 TMD SUK, chatting thoughts on history, techniques and process.

Real Time Web Series 5 PHAT1 TMD SUK Ironlak Graffiti

Real Time Web Series – Episode 5 timecode index:
00:19 Background and history, 19:00 Influences and inspiration, 37:04 Style, techniques and spray paint, 47:41 Process and creativity, 57:01 Opinions and advice. Best viewed in HD.

Roll the credits:
Film & Edit: BERST GBAK TMD – Instagram: @berst_1
Artist: PHAT1 TMD SUK – Instagram: @charlestmd
Music: DJ Mkar – Instagram: @djmkar, Peeti Lamwilai – Instagram: @peetilamwilai

Music Soundtrack: DJ Mkar – Kpwohinesgeht, DJ Mkar – Sweet Sadness, DJ Mkar – Batman, DJ Mkar – Debora, DJ Mkar – Dunkel, DJ Mkar – Futuravibe, DJ Mkar – Future, DJ Mkar – Golem, DJ Mkar – Good Feel Melanchol, DJ Mkar – Gute Sample, DJ Mkar – Hollywood Air, DJ Mkar – I Want You, DJ Mkar – Manson Bells, DJ Mkar – Meditativ, DJ Mkar – New Try, DJ Mkar – Prey, DJ Mkar – Russich, DJ Mkar – Saw, DJ Mkar – Slow, DJ Mkar – Space, DJ Mkar – Synthiez Vibez, DJ Mkar – Track 78, DJ Mkar – Warmfuzz Freestyle Beat, Otis McDonald – O Sky, Peeti Lamwilai – Walls in Motion, Otis McDonald – Man in the Sky, Huma-Huma – Smooth Ridin’, Otis McDonald – Suddenly

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