Real Time Web Series: Episode 3 – HASER GBAK TMD

The Real Time Web Series is a video project that showcases past and present graffiti writers from New Zealand. The series presents the writer’s real time working process, from start to finish, accompanied by a narration of answers to questions that have been created by an online audience.

The video series is the brainchild of BERST TMD GBAK from the Ironlak Family, and for episode three he catches up with crew mate HASER GBAK TMD.

Real Time Web Series episodes one, two and four are also online for your viewing pleasure, featuring BERST, ASKEW, and GASP, with PHAT1’s episode to be filmed shortly. Hit BERST’s Instagram if you’d like to contribute questions for the upcoming episode.

Real Time Web Series – Episode 3 timecode index:
01:19 Background and stories, 16:35 Crews, 27:04 Inspiration and Influences, 40:45 Style, Technique and Process, 59:27 Colours and spray paint, 01:06:21 Opinion, and 01:17:32 Advice.

Roll the credits:

Shot & cut: BERST GBAK TMD – Instagram: @berst_1
Artist: HASER GBAK TMD – Instagram: @Hasernz
Audio technician: Peeti Lamwilai – Instagram: @peetilamwilai

Music: Gunnar Olsen – Circular, Silent Partner – Dub Trubble, Silent Partner – Forward Thinker, Gunnar Olsen – Wandering, Audionautix – There You Go, Gunnar Olsen – Roll the Top Down, Audionautix – Dance Dubber, Kevin MacLeod – Club Diver Electric Hard, Silent Partner – Mile High, Otis McDonald – Left You Into, Kevin MacLeod – Double O, MK2 – Hey Now, Silent Partner – Long Way Home, Otis McDonald – 33rd Eye Blimp, Albis – Biggie, Silent Partner – Discotek, Dougie Wood – Do or Die, Silent Partner – High School Hero, Kevin MacLeod – Got Funk, Audionautix – Totally Looped, Audionautix – Cop a Feel, Silent Partner – Trooper, Riot – Temps, Silent Partner – Lucky Duck, Silent Partner – George, Silent Partner – Crispy, Silent Partner – Twin Shine, Kevin MacLeod – Ahdah Cephelopod, Otis McDonald – A Girl in Oakland, Silent Partner – Back in Town, DJ Mkar – Blade, Gunnar Olsen – Crate Digger, Otis McDonald – Fingers, DJ Mkar – Saw and Otis McDonald – Suddenly

Contributors: @syarpspsrak, @dontelogz, @charlotte_hawley_creative, @siderous,, @katun_, @sean_duffell, @thecircus101, @el_weachuchetumadre123, @_luke.porter, @skumb_one, @yo_bmahoe, @dspliff139, @lemon.1ner, @stu_pa, @scizgraffiti, @tutugraff, @joe_paks, @dirtysedue, @sellekhanks, @trunevafalse, @yousleepwecreep, @cactus_er, @kaio_ki, @anteaksound, @savantbeatz, @efe_demirayak, @_subpar, @walter_melon714, @2shvnez, @j0n__, @wherejordonat, @lakes_area_local, @cynths_colorfulworld, @nezr191, @tony2tone, @iamposh12.5, @nicola_picc, @725lab, @pedro_s.tamames, @damon_dunham, Pascal Atiga-Bridger, David Cooper, Montri Jaimeetham, Eva-psyphae Macula, Shane Dz Wolfgram, Tuturu Spell, Jake Nicholson, Benjamin Work, Braden Gordon, Jake Nicholson, Cruz Williams, Daniel Dee, Dennis Hope, Mason Stephens, Jesse Geary, George Sly, Sandy Herewini WT, Ono Petero, Gareth Steiner, Shaun Funnell, Joshua Kewene, Kahukura Terry, Otis Milan, Robbie Kaiawe, Oliver Rennie, Rhys Dee, Tyron Hansen, Hawahenua Kirkwood, Cameron Flood, Marcus Kerrigan and Louis Sullivan

Stay tuned for new Real Time Web Series episodes soon.

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