Real Time Web Series: Episode 2 – ASKEW TMD MSK

The Real Time Web Series is a video project that showcases past and present graffiti writers from New Zealand. The series presents the writer’s real time working process, from start to finish, accompanied by a narration of answers to questions that have been created by an online audience.

The video series is the brainchild of BERST TMD GBAK from the Ironlak Family, and for episode two he catches up with crew mate and frequent collaborator ASKEW TMD MSK, while ASKEW gives a fresh lick of Sugar Artists’ Acrylic to a box truck.

Real Time Web Series episodes one, three and four are also online for your viewing pleasure, featuring BERST, HASER, and GASP, with PHAT1’s episode to be filmed shortly. Hit BERST’s Instagram if you’d like to contribute questions for the upcoming episode.

Real Time Web Series – Episode 2 timecode index:
03:32 Background, 33:08 Influences & References, 1:03:51 Process & Colour, 01:28:50 Opinion & Advice.

Roll the credits:

Shot & cut: BERST GBAK TMD – Instagram: @berst_1
Artist: ASKEW ONE TMD MSK – Instagram: @askew1
Audio technician: Peeti Lamwilai – Instagram: @peetilamwilai

Music: Otis McDonald- Find my way home, Otis McDonald- Behind closed doors, Everet Almond- Ice Crystals, Otis McDonald- O Sky, Otis McDonald- One more chance, Otis McDonald- Bird Brainz
Otis McDonald- Suddenly, Otis McDonald- Ever felt part 1, Otis McDonald- Rich man in the sky, Huma-huma- Cielo, Huma-huma- Omission, Gunnar Olsen- Park Bench, Huma-huma- Raindrops
Audionautix- Totally looped, Silent Partner- Bring it up, Kevin MacLeod- Electro Cabello, Audionautix- Fat caps, Audionautix- Innter Journey, Kevin MacLeod- Double O, MK2- Tarantula, Twin, Musicom- Big birds date night, MK2- Hey now, Gunnar Olsen-Wandering, Twim Musicom- Rhythm and booze, Chris Zabriskie- Direct to video, Silent Partners- Capital, Riot- Granite, Kevin Macleod- Lewis and Dekalb, Gunnar Olsen- Never sleep, Riot- Overturn, Vibe tracks- TFB3, MK2- Creepin, Silent Partner- Dark step, MK2- The dope steppa, Gunnar Olsen- Volcano Trap, Silent Partner- Slide, Gunnar Olsen- Dat step, Silent Partner- Dub Trubble, Gunnar Olsen- Hit the ground running, Gunnar Olsen- Fast lane

Contributors: @bonzinni, @okreone_, @joyceischoice, @nvinov, @wanecod, @hinderhinder, @scheezawesome, @gypsy_kingftp, @jaysozz, @skumb_one, @olliecirclejackson, @alphabetical1_, @syarpspsrak, @nauserism, @twikski, @maori_archer, @noiseyboi, @chemsgraff,, @ayko_one, @275s.a_ulala, @ruffle_do, Jesse Geary, Charlie Morgan, Faren Wyatt, Rhyss Dee, Tesk Tuspgang, Steven Te Ahiwaka-Keil, Jah Mclean, Pza Purp, Smeagol Doesart, Gareth Steiner, Sam Evans, Otis Acab Travers, Nat Miller, Rapesh Kumar, Connor Bro, Vana Tamati, Blair Raymond Sanders, Brodie Giller, Kawhena Tai Wiringi & Eva-psyphae Macula.

Stay tuned for new Real Time Web Series episodes soon.

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