Real Time Web Series: Episode 10 – DEUS RFC TMD

“I want to see people being themselves, and maybe it’s the internet. Maybe it’s me getting older but I feel like a part of graffiti is kind of dead, or dying, and maybe it’s people trying to be sponsored or professional or something like this. Maybe I’m responsible in a way of trying to live my life through my illustrations. It’s not my intention and I don’t think you should try to be good, because I like it when somebody writes ‘fuck the police’ in gas station paint on the army building. I fucking adore that because it’s more truthful.”

The Real Time Web Series is a video project that showcases past and present graffiti writers from around the world. The series presents the writer’s real time working process, from start to finish, accompanied by a narration of answers to questions that have been created by an online audience.

Hitting their tenth episode in the series, it’s with much anticipation and pleasure that Real Time Web Series brings you an exclusive and refreshingly honest interview with one of New Zealand’s greatest graffiti writers and illustrators – DEUS RFC TMD aka Elliot Francis Stewart.

DEUS TMD RFC Real Time Web Series Ironlak

DEUS TMD RFC Real Time Web Series Ironlak

DEUS TMD RFC Real Time Web Series Ironlak

Real Time Web Series – Episode 10 timecode index:
00:40 Background and History, 13:50 Influences and inspiration, 25:33 Style and Process, 38:51 Opinions and Advice

Roll the credits:
Shot & interview: BERST GBAK TMD – Instagram: @berst_1
Cut: Danae Ripley – Instagram: @danaeripley
Artist: DEUS RFC TMD – Instagram: @elliotfrancisstewart
Music: Dusty Melody – Instagram: @dustymelody_
Graphics: Abhi Topiwala – Instagram: @atopiwala

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