R.I.P. IZ THE WIZ (A few words from Linz).

Linz, Artwork, Ironlak
Mike aka Iz The Wiz.

“A couple of years ago I was staying with my homie DANGER in Florida and he mentioned that a good friend of his who was a living legend in the graffiti realm was living five minutes down the road, so I was like, who??? It was Iz the Wiz.

Of course I asked him to “get that dude around for a few beers!” Sure enough, sometime that day Danger called Mike (Iz) up and invited him around to meet me. Straight away I was all; “oh fuck, one of the all-time kings of graff is comin’ around to meet me…”

Anyways, the next day Mike showed up and was one of the coolest cats I have ever met in graffiti. Mike, Danger and I hung out for the next few days ’til I departed Florida for New York, but during the few short days I spent with him we talked a lot about life in Australia and also back in the days for Mike growing up on the subways. The real shit from the horse’s mouth, it was dope!

I was quite sad to learn of Mike’s passing, as he was a really nice guy and true legend from the old skool.

Rest in piece Iz – The real master blaster! Thanks for the stories mate.” – Linz

Linz, Artwork, Ironlak
Linz, Iz & Danger.

Linz, Artwork, Ironlak

Photos by Linz.

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