Lusid Art in the Ironlak Studio

Gold Coast-based visual story teller and illustrator Lusid Art (Alex Saba) creates an illustration at the Ironlak Studio in Brisbane, Australia.

Lusid talks us through her image reference choice, layer construction and what leads her to a reference in the first place. “I’m also drawn to inspiration and images with some attitude or some grit to them. People who tell a story – you can see it in the back of their eyes that there’s something there” says Lusid. Also pointing to her artistic direction in using familiar imagery presented in a new light for the viewer, Lusid’s delicate yet bold approach to her application process reflects a true dedication to her craft – in this case using Ironlak Sketching Pencils and Woodless Graphite Pencils to recreate a found image that inspired ‘Praise You’ – a group exhibition curated by Lusid opening at aMBUSH Gallery Friday, 8 September 2017.

An Ironlak Studio creation © 2017 – The work created will be showing at ‘Praise You’ – a group exhibition opening at aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney on Friday, 8 September 2017. For more information visit and

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Shot/cut: Oblvs (@_oblvs_)
Timelapse: Luke Shirlaw (@dymskov)
Music: DJ Mkar – ‘Meditativ’


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