IRONLAK BRASIL | Castelo de Grayskull (Video) – Ceilândia, Brazil.

Here’s a new video courtesy of Ironlak Brasil.

Read this brief introduction:

“The video was recorded in an abandoned building in the city of Ceilândia (the acronym ‘CEI’ refers to a commission meaning ‘the eradication of invaders’). This city was created by the Brazilian government as an outpost to relocate poor immigrants in the Brazilian capital city Brasilia.

This particular construction was overtaken by users of crack and other drugs. Together with assistance from the Ministry of Culture we were able to revive this place which is now a hub for Hip Hop culture in the city! The location was nicknamed Castle Grayskull (as taken from the cartoon He-Man… the voices at the intro and in the middle of the video are dubbed from the Portuguese-translated version of He-Man).

Along with painting the space, a protest against corruption in our country was held in which more than 30,000 people rallied near the building where the President and Ministers work!

We know that for the rest of the world its complicated and hard to understand, but here is a true record that Hip Hop holds both social and political power.. power beyond our dear graffiti!” –Ironlak Brasil.More info:

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