HEAVY ARTILLERY | Bratislava, Slovakia – Part 1.

Here’s an interesting report from AROE on a recent HA trip to Slovakia. More flicks to come..

“A few of the Artillery guys and some other well known faces were hired to do a jam in the Slovakian capital…

“This is a fully functioning warehouse that we painted, to be honest it looks like some Eastern bloc death centre. I must impress upon you all, people still work here..

“The entrance to ‘Our’ apartment heavily influenced by Hostel crossed with a Russian mental hospital. The hapless inhabitants of this rago spot were – GARY, STORM, SOBEK, KCIS, DEMS, SEMOR and my good self.

“Throw ups are nice..

“Along with the copious amounts of throw ups we did GARY decided to show everyone why he is the inhuman spirit level and dropped this HEAVY ARTILLERY spell out across a crusty unprimed building. No mistakes allowed..

“In stark contrast to GARY’s super clean abilities, my painting in Bratislava wasn’t quite as neat and certainly not something you’d want anywhere near a floor that mattered.” -Aroe.

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