DOES – ‘Transition’ Documentary

In both the graffiti and football worlds, DOES (Loveletters, Ironlak Family) is an exception. During his professional career, he played with Van Bommel as a teammate and line up in the youth national team alongside Van Persie, Robben, Heintinga and others. After several injuries, he was forced to stop his career at the age of 28, nevertheless he chose to dedicate himself to his second passion: graffiti writing. Once again, his skills gave him the chance to become one of the most worldwide recognised writers.

Directed by: Strictua
D.O.P.: Marijn Vanderheijden & Miquel Steps
Editing & post-production by: Strictua
Additional soccer footage: L1, SBS6
Thanks:, Chas, Gomad, Ironlak, Submedia, Highly Recommended, Moby Gratis.

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