DOES – Brick by Brick

Dutch-native DOES has been busy trying his hand in creative construction. Equipped with his traditional quiver of tools, including Ironlak Pump Action paint markers, alongside the addition of a trowel. The man from the north has literally built a graffiti masterpiece.

For the opening of Zinc in Roermond, in the southern part of the Netherlands, DOES was asked to create a centre piece on an indoor brick wall. After getting a sense of the general vibe and colour setting he choose to use cement as the basis for his painting. The end result shows his preference for rough weatherworn textures combined with clean lines and sleek decors.

To give you some insight into what happens behind the scenes, DOES has started a collaboration with Slam the Flap to publish a series of short clips that show the production process of some of his projects.

IG: @digitaldoes

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