Dedicated Store | “Writers’ Delight Burners” (Graffiti Jam) – Croatia.

Following the success of the “Writers’ Delight” Graffiti Jam and “Writers’ Nights Delight” Hip Hop nights in Portugal, Dedicated decided to host the first project of this kind in Croatia.

“4 cities, 8 writers… 4 double burners painted simultaneously!” –Dedicated.

Dedicated invited 8 of the finest writers in Croatia to rock this concept, featuring MARIO234 and FELAH (Osijek), SEC and BIEN (Rijeka), SENK and MILE (Split), and GENE and SLUT (Zagreb).

D-Mars is on the beats. Blackout Hip Hop, Zagreb Fever, Hip Hop Unity, Fat Beat Radio & Gana Rimatore helped with promotion.

Supported by Ironlak.

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