Coverage comparison.

Ironlak’s Founder and Company Director The Fat Controller takes a look at some coverage comparisons across the Yellow spectrum.

Recently we had a few customers on Instagram comment on the coverage of yellows in the Ironlak range that they thought needed improving. While yellows traditionally don’t cover as well as other colours we still feel pretty confident about our coverage – we compare and benchmark constantly to ensure our coverage is better. I threw it out to the two guys that if they could show us a yellow in another brand that covered better than a similar colour in Ironlak, I would give them some paint for bringing it to our attention. Below are the results.

MTN’s ‘Party Yellow’ wasn’t a fair comparison for our ‘Sorbet’ because ‘Sorbet’ contains more white pigment which makes it cover better anyway. As you can see Ironlak ‘Butter’ is more similar and covers better. Ironlak ‘Eureka’ tops ‘Eldorado’, and although MTN’s ‘Light Yellow’ is a red-based yellow pigment (which typically cover better than green-based yellow pigments) you can see that our green-based ‘Pineapple Park’ covered just as well (while being at a disadvantage because of the pigments used) and you can see Ironlak ‘Blaze’ covered better, even with a green-based yellow pigment.

It’s worth noting that I’m not posting this to discredit MTN, we all have an enormous respect for them as a brand. We didn’t select these colours, they were supplied to us by writers who believed they covered better than Ironlak. We’ll leave you to judge for yourself.


We substituted Bondi for Sorbet as we didn’t have any Bondi on hand and Sorbet is very similar. Butter was closer to Party Yellow anyway and the goal is is to compare similar colours.
We didn’t have access to Montana Black’s Kicking Yellow in Queensland and have ordered some for comparison.

The Fat Controller, Product, Ironlak

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