CAN YOU ROCK 2011 – Montreal, Canada.

CAN YOU ROCK 2011, Montreal, Cope2, Event, Ironlak

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the 6th edition of our International Graffiti-Art Convention “CAN YOU ROCK 2011”, taking place between September 1st- 4th 2011.

This event is brought to you by A’SHOP Creative Studios, FAKE brand clothing and DJ SAGEWONDAH.

Renowned New York artist COPE2 will be with us for the occasion, alongside other knowledgeable Montreal artists and about 20 other international guests.

Enormous murals will be painted and festive gatherings are on the agenda.

On Saturday September 3rd and Sunday September 4th, at 1825 Cabot, MONTREAL, the painters will create exceptional live works-of-art. We welcome photographers and all inquisitive minds to join us.

Friday September 2nd, from 9pm to 3am, we will be celebrating the official launch of the A’Shop Creative Studios, located at 3081 Ontario East. A unique collection of graffiti art accompanied by DJ HENDRIX, DJ SAGEWONDAH and LE K6A LIVE. Free, 18 years+.

Thursday September 1st, from 5-9pm, a vernissage of exclusive artwork from COPE2 will be held at Boutique FAKE Montreal, located at 68 Rachel East. This event is free. Featuring DJ WALLA P.

Join us for this outstanding artistic celebration! Although entirely financed by significant contributions from private-businesses, this event also ties into the community’s pursuit of important objectives such as inter-cultural exchanges, the importance of art on a daily-basis, crime prevention and raising awareness about other people’s property.

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CAN YOU ROCK 2011, Montreal, Cope2, Event, Ironlak
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