Break Bread

“Thank you everyone that has reached out personally and on social media congratulating me on the #breakbread mural project. I appreciate all the comments and compliments, I’m truly humbled. When I first had the idea of the mural and started to plan it out, I had no idea what I was going to paint. I had the wall and over 200 spray cans in every color, I still didn’t know what to do. Even after the second day I painted the background. I was like – what am I gonna do? haha I literally had writers block. I was beating my self up over it, thinking what could I possibly do to make a mural that can make an impact and served as a message, I felt it was important to do so during all these current events, so I went home and slept on it, the next morning Bailey told me to not stress about it and just have fun, so I took that advice when I showed up that day. I sat back and looked at the canvas, I saw that the abandoned building used to be a ‘Pastry’ shop. Which had me think of ‘Break Bread’, as simple as that! I knew the words were simple but affective during these hard times. It came from the heart and I stuck to it. I’ve always had a stained glass / mosaic look to my style so I wanted to incorporate that in the back ground which was perfect it gave it that cathedral look to bring the entire vision together. All I know is I felt like the world was falling apart, on the verge of war, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, politics, police brutality, racism, deaths, and violence just to name a few. Inglewood is a special place, from the native Americans who settled, from the dapper days of downtown market street and now it’s been a ghost town for years, with very little and close to no murals, and now with the stadium about to get built it about to be on the rise, and will be where the nations will gather to break bread. Like I said before this one is for all of us. Located at “E 213 Nutwood” -MENSO ONE.


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