Bombingscience | Sketch Battle (May 2012) – Winners Announced.

Our man BERST just dropped the awards for BombingScience’s MAY Sketch Battle.

The sketch word for this battle was ‘SERIOS.’ Read BERST’s judging notes under each post.

“This sketch is incredible. First off, you can see that a lot of time and effort has really been put into this sketch and making it look super killer. I’m a big fan of illustrations and this really hit the mark. The colours are really punchy and you cant go wrong with funked out chrome effect lettering especially when its merged nicely with the background. The characters look creative and the piece is intertwined nicely into the whole drawing. The overall drawing has a lot of funk and flavour.”

2. EKOSE22.
BERST, BombingScience, SERIOS, EKOSE22, PERTS, graffiti, Ironlak
“This was really close to to winning but something about the letters that weren’t quite there yet. Relatively nice letters but just needed a little more funk. Use of colours are amazing, character is really nice and overall drawing has a really sophisticated look about it. Great effects and techniques particularly on the O.”

BERST, BombingScience, SERIOS, EKOSE22, PERTS, graffiti, Ironlak
“There were many sketches that did not have characters but out of the sketches this piece could possibly have the best letters out of them all. The letters are on point on every level but without some characters to home it in, it missed that extra dynamic that could of made it more than just a piece.”

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