BATES | “A piece of me” live paint demo + more recap – Malmö, Sweden.

Here’s a recap of BATES’ live paint session during his recent exhibition opening in Malmö, Sweden.

He created this canvas, titled ‘homeless/hope’, to be donated wholly to the homeless people in Malmö via

Here’s an exert from an article in Faktum Magazine, a magazine published to benefit the homeless. Homeless vendors purchase this magazine for 25kr and then sell it for 50kr to keep the profit:

(Translated) “For some, newspaper sales are a step toward a more orderly life. For others, it is a way to stay afloat. Either way, the majority of these newspaper sales are about more than just making money, it is an opportunity to take responsibility, create routines and create a new social context. It also works to create debate and opinion about homelessness and vulnerability.”

Click here to download the article.

And now for some more recap shots of the show’s opening:

More info:
Bates’ 12oz.

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