Win a Pallet of Paint Competition


Alright people, it’s competition time for 2016 and we ain’t playing around. We’re giving away a pallet of paint to one lucky writer. “A pallet?!” You say… Yes a pallet. Now we know that most of you probably don’t work in the freight industry so let us break this down for you real quick. A pallet of Ironlak consists of six layers of boxes, inside each of those boxes is four more boxes, and finally inside each of those boxes is six precious cans. Basically, it’s a shitload of spray but we did the math on it anyways – one pallet = 1440 cans; if you paint once a week using an average of 10 cans it’s enough paint for almost three years of bunsens.

“How do I enter?!” You say… Well; we’ve made it easier than downing a cold beer on a hot summers day. Just walk in to your local Ironlak stockist and throw down $100 or more on AVT product, send us a clear flick of the store receipt and the products you purchased to to go in the draw.

“I Don’t have $100 to spend!!” You say… Easy, gather the crew and throw in together – as long as the receipt reads the value of $100 or more, you’re flying. Hell, if there’s 10 of you, that’s only $10 each.

The details:
1st Prize – 1440 cans (a whole pallet)
2nd Prize – 200 cans
3rd Prize – 100 cans

Guidelines to entry – we require:
– A clear photo of your receipt
– A clear photo of the products purchased

Please send the photos to

Important things to know:
– $100 must be spent in a single purchase
– $100 must be spent exclusively on AVT Paints products (including paint, markers, blackbooks etc…)
– Enter as many times as you like
– Winners get to choose from Ironlak 400ml, Sugar Artists’ Acrylic or Yard Master Ranges
– We respect your anonymity – to enter you only need to provide us with a valid email address
– Store staff are excluded from entry
– Offer valid in Australia and USA only
– Competition starts 19th April and finishes 30th June in Australia and 16th July in the USA.
– Local age restrictions apply when purchasing aerosol paint, we will not honour the prize to a minor.