Watch: TRAV MSK Paints His Pop-Up Shop Chrome

Last Saturday, TRAV MSK opened his pop-up shop and gallery at the new Seventh Letter/ Treebase Klear space in downtown Los Angeles. He spent two days completely transforming the space with vibrant colours, complemented by subtle patterns. To top things off, TRAV painted this chrome piece in his public lettering style – a cross between his graffiti and signwriting-inspired works.  

The activation and exhibition features original art, merch, prints, and a mural installation, and runs through to 4 April, by appointment. There’s set to be workshops and new limited releases weekly.

Get there.

Video: Emjay
Music: Anitek

Show continues until 4 April 2020

1725 E 7TH Street, Unit A, Los Angeles, CA 90021

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