Watch: House of Death | Miami Art Basel Graffiti 2019 – Part One

We didn’t have anything official planned for the chaos that is Art Basel last year, so we did the reach out to a bunch of friends to see if anyone was making the trip to Miami regardless. Turns out a handful of writers we knew were heading out, so we packed some boxes of paint, and shipped them out to Florida.

Miami is always a good time, and during Basel, although it’s a little crazy, with everyone tripping over each other for real estate, it’s worth it for the spectacle and good times. Our dudes managed to secure some space and get some painting in. As KEMS put it:

“Best Basel Ever. Running around trying to do a million things at once!!!”

Here’s part one of our 2019 Basel adventures. A couple of chill walls dubbed the ‘House of Death’, rocked on the edge of Wynwood with new friends and old.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. Shout out TRAGEK and GRABSTER – The Dons!

Roll the credits:

Shot: Sean

Drone: Above Ground Productions


Artists: @kearstk @kids_theze_days @el_cubano975 @getfreshrailroad @tv.dinner @ffonesex @noconcerns96 @kearstk @jimboewashere @allchrome @seanski.jpg @jimboewashere @tragek1 @charliechizo and more

Music: Abloom – ‘Weekend’

Intro text: Luke Shirlaw (Artillery Projects

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