SPOTLIGHT: LOST aka @sidename – Bay Area, SF

Welcome to SPOTLIGHT where we shine some light on artists who consistently bring fire to surfaces of all kinds. Today we feature LOST.

LOST Graffiti Bay Area San Fransisco

Yo LOST thank you for participating. Where do you call home?

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How did you first get into graffiti?

As a kid in the early 90s, my family would go to SF Chinatown every weekend. On the drive, I would notice work from writers like Twist, Jase, KR, Reminisce, Deen, Myk, Mirez, and a bunch of others. Walking around, I started to notice colorful work in the pits (the old foundation of buildings that were demolished). I was 13 years old and would venture off, getting lost with my 35mm camera to take photos. I was intrigued by decyphering pieces and got hooked on seeking out styles with flow and balance.

LOST Graffiti Bay Area San Fransisco

What is the graffiti scene like where you are?

The Bay Area has always been a great place for graff. Each side of the Bay has its own thing going, and for the last 10 years, the East Bay has been the most crushed.

How do you like to describe your style?

My goal these days is to not have a particular style. I sketch to push my letters and paint something different every time. I’d rather fail at trying something new than paint the same outline with a different color scheme.

LOST Graffiti Bay Area San Fransisco

You’re never failing if you’re trying something new. What do you enjoy about graffiti?

I love figuring out the tricks that come with aerosol art. It can be anything from finding that perfect frequency color combo to a simple can control technique. The best feeling is when you try something different, take a step back and realize you’ve stumbled across a new technique to add to your arsenal.

LOST Graffiti Bay Area San Fransisco

How often do you get out to paint?

These days with three kids and a mortgage, I’m only getting out once a month.

Totally get it brother on the family and responsibilities front. Who do you like to paint with?

I seek out writers who can burn me. Be it style, concept or technique; I feel I grow the most painting next to people who I feel are better than me at some aspect(s) of the craft.

LOST Graffiti Bay Area San Fransisco

Who are some of your influences?

With all the amazing work going on across the globe it’s tuff to list. At the top, it might sound cliché but my crew DE, especially the active heads. There’s tons of diversity in the crew’s output, and we are not a large crew.

What keeps you motivated?

I want to look back at an album of work that’s full of diversity… and there is so much more to explore.

LOST Graffiti Bay Area San Fransisco

Do you have any graffiti stories?

One of my favorite memories was when I was a teenager running through the Judah/Muni tunnels during the daytime. Trains would pass through every 15 minutes or so. You had to get really good at hearing the trains coming before they even got in the tunnel. If you stayed in tune with the rails, you can tell which direction they were coming from so you could hide in the alcove on the same side and not get seen.

We got chased out a few times throughout the years.

LOST Graffiti Bay Area San Fransisco

Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?

Shout out my DE Family, FlyID Crew old and new, Satyr, True54, and everyone who I’ve had the honor of painting with and meeting throughout the years.

Catch LOST on Instagram @sidename

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