SOBEKCIS – Your Favourite Writer’s Favourite Writers

Welcome to a new spot on called ‘Your favourite writer’s favourite writers’. The concept is super simple – we’re talking to some of the best in the game and asking them to list writers or artists who they consider some of their favourites.

After a hat-tip from SOFLES in his YFWFW list, this week we speak to Serbian twins SOBEKCIS to get their favourite writers down on paper. These two twins are insane at what they do. From their own unique blend of letter-based graffiti, to breaking it all down to the point of abstraction to create muralism, they tap into their dual brain power and make magic happen on the walls, often with little-to-no verbal communication. One is just completely in-tune with what the other is thinking. Or so it seems.

Oh, and they both have pretty damn effortlessly nice throw-ups and handstyles too.  


Being twins ourselves, we have a lot of respect for all the work the Os Gemeos brothers have put in. It’s amazing to see those two painting so long and still innovating their style every time. They are very inspiring to us both.


One of the best styles out there. The Swiss king. He is most probably everyone’s favorite writer.  Such finesse in executing letters. He is someone who is on a whole other level.


Low-key Balkan king. In our opinion, one of the best writers out there. Such a raw approach mixed with genius ideas for letterforms and how to approach graff.


The mastermind. Pure quality – tags, throws, pieces, characters. No approach or situation is a problem for this guy.


The most versatile dude we have ever met. Undisputed in being one of the most individual writers out there.

We have never seen someone with so much drive and such a unique and loose approach to doing pieces. He needs to be mentioned in our list as well, as he is our third twin in SOFLEBEKCIS. 🙂

Follow SOBEKCIS on Instagram: @sobekcis

As told to Jim Peebles. Intro by Luke Shirlaw.

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