SABRE MSK Interview for Populist Magazine

“As a kid, if your hobbies are illegal, you grow this resilience to you. When you’re told you’re not allowed to do the things you love to do most in life, you do it just to prove that you can, to yourself and everyone else. You grow this ambition and love for something that no one really understands and you start to see the world differently. You have different values, most of the rules don’t apply to you. You kind of get pushed into an odd corner of society that exists below the surface and doesn’t really have anything to do with what the rest of the people are doing.

The mind of a graffiti writer goes much farther than the surface level of a wall being covered in paint. What pushes someone to risk their life and freedom just to write their name on something? What makes someone hang of the side of a building just to paint it.

Saber is one of graffiti’s most known figures. He has accomplished some of the arts biggest accolades, but his journey has been anything but a smooth one. A road paved with hospital bracelets, tombstones, mental illness and broken hearts. It’s the least glamorous form of fame.

Saber has had decades to think about his actions. The causes that push him to do what he does, the consequences of this life style and the sacrifice you have to make in order to excel. But at the end of the day, Saber needs to paint, it’s an addiction, it’s a vice, it’s meditation, its spiritual.”

Shane Allen recently interviewed SABRE MSK for Populist Magazine. Get to for one of the best interviews you will read in 2020