Ironlak Artists’ Oil Paint


Expression Without Restriction.

Ironlak Oil Artists’ Colour has been crafted for experienced painters and emerging artists alike. The high viscosity of the paint means that it’s a dream to work with, spreading smoothly no matter whether you’re using a brush or palette knife. It’s malleability allows for tonal and textural variations that will bring your paintings to life. Apply directly to primed canvas, or thin it with Ironlak mediums for captivating effects – the choice is yours. Ironlak’s oil paint is engineered to last, curing within a week and guaranteed to shine for many years to come.

Thick and Creamy Texture. Spreads like butter.

Ironlak oil paints are thick and creamy, making them a dream to work with irrespective of your method of application. Express yourself dynamically with the kinetic action of painting – from hand to brush, allow your vision to manifest in reality. Push colour around the canvas, thin it with Ironlak mediums, or layer it for textural applications – whatever your preferred method, these paints will comply. Rest assured, no matter the how you apply them, these oils will retain their lustre and vitality for years. Paint today, appreciate it for the rest of your life.

Highly Pigmented. Shine on with beautiful, rich colours.

To ensure that Ironlak oil paints are truly vibrant, our colour concentrate is milled 3–5 times on a vertical roller, creating smaller colour particles that allow for a higher pigment load. The result? Beautiful, rich colours that bring your work to life. Whether you’re working with deep greens and blues, or electric yellows – Ironlak’s oil range is completely opaque. Our oils are also totally UV resistant – so you can unleash your vision with full confidence that it will stand the test of time.

Vibrant Finish. A finish that breathes.

To ensure quality results, we employ a modified alkyd resin during the production of Ironlak Oil Colours. Where others rely on walnut oil, Ironlak’s range instead combines colour concentrate with linseed oil. This method allows for a more vibrant finish that will breathe life into your painting, as well helping to ensure that it’s touch dry within three days. Once your work has set, the oils will create a film that protects the paint pigments from UV damage and general fading – yet another advantage of linseed oil. Your job is to create a masterpiece, ours is to make sure that it’s built to last.

Weight0.71 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 12 cm

Ivory Black [IBLOIL], Lamp Black [LBLOIL], Titanium White [TWHOIL], Chinese White [CWHOIL], Violet [VIOOIL], Prussian Blue [PBLOIL], Phthalo Blue [PHBOIL], Pacific [PACOIL], Ultramarine Blue [UBLOIL], Atlantic [ATLOIL], Cerulean Blue Hue [CBLOIL], Stone Blue [SBLOIL], Swamp [SWAOIL], Sap Green [SGROIL], Sap Green Deep [SGDOIL], Phthalo Green [PHGOIL], Permanent Green Medium [PGMOIL], Cameleon [CAMOIL], Permanent Green Light [PGLOIL], Light Jarnte [LJAOIL], Viridian Light [VLIOIL], Viridian [VIROIL], Light Green [LGROIL], Chrome Oxide Green [COGOIL], Olive Green Light [OGLOIL], Olive Green [OGROIL], Olive Green Deep [OGDOIL], Burnt Umber [BUMOIL], Burnt Sienna [BSIOIL], Earth [ETHOIL], Red Ochre [ROCOIL], Raw Umber [RUMOIL], Swiss [SWSOIL], Crimson Red [CREOIL], Rose Alizarin Red [RAROIL], Permanent Rose [PROOIL], Permanent Red [PREOIL], Cadmium Red Light Hue [CRLOIL], Vermillion [VEROIL], Cadmium Red Orange Hue [CROOIL], Yellow Ochre [YOCOIL], Indian Yellow [IYEOIL], Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue [CYDOIL], Flesh Tint [FTIOIL], Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue [CYMOIL], Lemon Yellow [LYEOIL], Cool Grey Light [CGLOIL], Cool Grey [CGROIL], Warm Grey [WGROIL], Payne's Grey [PGROIL], Gold [GLDOIL], Silver [SILOIL]