Mural on Know Theatre of Cincinnati – C3PO and Gamble.

This wall is HUGE!

HUGE, graffiti, Ironlak

HUGE, graffiti, Ironlak

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“We’ve once again, third annual, completed a large mural project for theKnow Theater of Cincinnati, while they hosted another successful“Fringe Festival”

“This years wall was sponsored by Ironlak paint, and done cooperatively between Higher Level Art and Momentum Art Technologies.

“In years past we’ve always taken our audience into consideration.
2008, we catered to the theater itself with a whimsical stage scene painted in a scenic painting fashion.

“2009, we appreciated the wall was most often viewed, directly across the street, from the main offices of the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

“2010, We considered it a performance install for the Fine Arts Fund which neighbors the location, as well as appealing to our major sponsor, Ironlak.

“The b&w figures were completed by Matthew Dayler in a manner consistent with his street inspired gallery installations, where he typically applies his figures to gallery walls using sumi ink washes integrated with aerosol work. The wall was then split between graffiti artists, C3PO and Gamble to do what they do best, tech’d out graff from side to side. This wall was a great time from beginning to end and we can only hope to have similar opportunities in the future. We had a great time painting during the festival and we’re very pleased by the overwhelming positive feedback from local business owners and citizens of the downtown neighborhoods.

“We would definitely like to thank Eric Vosmeier, Alexandra Kesman, and Doug Borntrager at the Know for all their help making it happen.

“Below is a photo of the finished product, but stay tuned for the video, editing now, coming soon…”

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