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Welcome to a new spot on called ‘Your favourite writers favourite writers’. The concept is super simple – we’re talking to some of the best in the game and asking them to list writers or artists who they consider some of their favourites.

If you missed the first spot from MACH KGB, it’s definitely worth checking! (

Next-up we talked to our good friend MAST from Brooklyn, New York!


“The flow of this stylish piece really stops you in your tracks.

“It’s bold, chrome, and dances on your eyeballs. Hush did his thing.”

hush graffiti


“Gaze was a graffiti architect, way ahead of his time.

“The raw attitude in his letters and the custom colors he used really set him ahead of the pack. He consistently rocked highways and track sides with fresh pieces and productions.”

GAZE graffiti
GAZE graffiti


“This fresh expressway spot with YES2 really sums up what I love about Clark’s work.

“Stylish pieces in ill locations. He really took that burgundy and summer squash color combo to the max. With whoever he was painting with, you always knew it was gonna be done correctly.”

Clark Graffiti ID crew

To see more from MAST, hit up his Instagram @indeliblefunk

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