LISTEN: Beers, Beats & The Biz Podcast featuring The HYPE Twins EXIT & SEIZ

Back with episode 55, and it’s an honour to be joined by Bill and Jamie Moulton aka Exit & Seiz, aka Broke & Boesta aka The Hype Twins!

From their earliest years in Canberra, to the foundations of an empire and on to the drugs and chaos that tore it all apart, this episode is crazy.

Bill and Jamie are never less than candid, in a chaotic conversation where the two brothers finish each other’s sentences, talk over one another and argue, we get the history on an amazing legacy.

There’s too much in this episode to list here; graffiti, breaking, magazines, drugs, history, shops, crime.. The list goes on, if they did it we talk openly about it.

Thank you all for hanging in there with us, life is a chaotic ride and while we might adjust our behaviours, we wouldn’t change this life for a thing.

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