‘High Contrast’ Exhibition – Elliott Routledge (NUMSKULL)

‘Euphoria (Smooth)’ 2015. Acrylic on canvas, framed. 57.5cm x72.5cm

Since his last Sydney exhibition in 2012 Elliott Routledge, or NUMSKULL as he’s been known as for the past 15 years, has been working on large scale murals and outdoor installations for the likes of Art & About Festival, and most recently his month long residency at the prestigious Museums Quartier in Vienna, Austria.

Working across both bold, expressive canvas work and hand made sculptures, Elliott’s practice uses a variety of mark making techniques, strategic colour pairing and abstract composition. Hard edged blocks of pattern sit next to smears of multicoloured paint, and tangled scribbles of colour sit next to gradient filled shapes.

The Details:

‘High Contrast’ – Elliott Routledge (NUMSKULL)
Opens (this Friday) May 8, continues until Saturday May 16.
For a catalogue preview email info@mild-manners.com
See more at: www.funskull.com