Can’t Do Tomorrow Festival Opens This Thursday in Melbourne

The Facility. Credit: Alex Jovanovic. Artist Credit: Mayonaize and Camscale

We’ve just spent a week on-site in the lead up of the inaugural Can’t Do Tomorrow – an art festival showcasing street art and graffiti at The Facility in Melbourne’s Kensington. We were on-site documenting the process of what must be the first legal graffiti painted on a train in Australia (more on that below).

The event opens this Thursday, for ten days, and features a diverse line-up of over 100 artists, musicians, and collectives who have already transformed the multi-level warehouse with site-specific murals, and installations, and will bring the space alive during the ten-day event with talks, performances, and workshops. Artists will be on-site, offering viewers the chance to purchase original artwork and prints from the custom-built print store.

In addition to the amazing line-up of artists inside the venue, one of the most fascinating parts of the event is situated out the back on the train tracks. Somehow the event organisers have managed to fandangle a 22-car grain train from Southern Shorthaul Railroad (SSR), and they’ve invited a collection of graffiti writers from Melbourne and beyond to paint actual letter-based works on its big round metal carriages. Names such as MERDA, SIRUM, KAB101, VANS the OMEGA, SAGE, PILFA, SHEM, AKUZE, DJ KRISY, and more have blessed the cars with their names.

Artists who have created work inside the warehouse include George Rose, Lisa King, Michael Peck, Kaff-eine, Mysterious Al, Meggs, DSCREET, LucyLucy, Unwell Bunny, Heesco, Steve Leadbeater, Callum Preston, Cax One, Ruskidd, and more.

In addition to the artwork, Can’t Do Tomorrow offers an extensive talks program featuring keynote speaker Aaron Rose (Alleged Gallery/ Beautiful Losers), political artist Badiucao, along with Scott Marsh, Kaff-eine, Tom Gerrard, and Rone. Plus, there’s music, food, and more.

Stay tuned in the coming days as we reveal behind the scenes photos of the event.

Can’t Do Tomorrow runs 20 – 29 February 2020 at The Facility in Kensington.
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The Facility. Credit: Alex Jovanovic. Artist Credit: Mayonaize and Camscale

Artist: Mysterious Al – Walthamstow, East London

Artist: Ling

Artist: David ‘Meggs’ Hooke – Detroit

Artist: Callum Preston – Milk Bar in Swan Hill

Artist: Heesco

Artist: Kaff-eine

Artist: Ruskidd – Arttram

Artist: Leadbeater – Triptych

Artist: LucyLucy – Trilby

Migration. Artist: Michael Peck

Artist: Jason Parker

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