Ironlak Technical Drawing Pen 5 Pack


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Ironlak Technical Drawing Pens – The Devil is in the Details

It’s the small details that tie the bigger picture together – which is why we offer a full range of Technical Drawing Pens. Whether you’re working with ink markers or watercolour pencils, the Ironlak Technical Drawing range will allow you to get up close and personal with your creations. Add minute details to illustrative works, or add shading to larger sketches – with sizes that vary from 2mm–10mm, you’ll be able to find the right tool. Finish the job right, and remember – the devil is in the details

Pigment Ink – Solid, precise and bleed-free

Ironlak Technical Drawing Pens use a water based pigment that will flow unencumbered from your hand to the paper. You can rely on a steady stream of bleed-free ink, no matter how small the details or how restricted the surface area. Get in close and really bring your work to life. Our ink pigment is fully compatible with Ironlak Watercolour Pencils, and will cover equally well over alcohol based markers – including the Ironlak Striker range. Hash out finely detailed technical drawings, or add depth and richness to larger sketches – the choice is yours. Our proprietary pigment is lightfast, permanent, and waterproof – so you can trust that your work will be of archival quality.

Strong Metal-clad Tip – Built to last

Unfortunately, artistic creation doesn’t run to a schedule – so you’ve got to make the most of the moments that you can grab. Throw the Ironlak Technical Drawing Pens in your bag so you’re always prepared for those precious instances of down time – whether it’s sketching on the train to work, stealing some time to create at lunch, or grabbing a few minutes while you’re waiting for a friend at the bar. The low profile design of the pens means that they’ll slip easily into your daily carry, and the reinforced metal-clad tips will stand up to the stresses and strains of modern life. Don’t wait for creativity to come knocking – carry it with you wherever you go

Aeroplane Safe – The sky is no limit

There’s something about flying that helps to kickstart inspiration. Maybe it’s the altitude, or maybe it’s being forced to sit still for hours on end – whatever the reason, the Ironlak Technical Drawing Pen range is the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re hit with a brainwave on a domestic flight and need to sketch it out on a napkin, or you’re killing time on an overseas leg with some blackbook burners – the moulded PP barrels of the markers will withstand the strain that comes with with high altitude. The pressure is off! Pack Ironlak Technical Pens in your carry on luggage and let your imagination roam with the clouds.

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