Ironlak Premium Colour Pencil Sets


Dream Big, Draw Bigger.

Create compelling sketches and illustrative works with Ironlak Premium Colour Pencils. Crafted from responsibly sourced timber, and loaded with pigment-rich lead, the pencils allow for rich creative works. Ideal for layering and blending, the Premium Colour Pencil range is available in 48 unique colours – so you’ll always have options at hand. Produce stunning pieces, large or small, and rest assured that the lightfast pigments will stay vibrant for years to come.


  • Extra smooth
  • Vibrant artist quality pigments
  • Non-toxic
  • Break resistant
  • Rich colour laydown

Rich Colour Laydown – Lay it on thick.

The ‘lead’ in Ironlak Premium Colour Pencils is created by blending pigment with an oil-based resin, resulting in a unique bonded mixture that allows for a smooth and rich drawing experience. The soft core of the pencils allows for subtle manipulations – be that the creation of gradient fades, textural elements, or dynamic colouring. These Premium Pencils have a waxy consistency that lends itself to blending and layering – so you can build illustrative depth and add vibrant finishes to your artworks. Achieve stunning effects, and create compelling illustrative works with the Ironlak range.

Vibrant Artist Quality Pigments – Infinite options.

The Ironlak Premium Colour Pencils are available in 48 individual colours that can be blended and layered for virtually infinite compositions. No matter what you’re trying to capture, there’s a shade for it – from the soft green of new foliage, to the rolling greys of a troubled ocean. Apply layers of colour to produce unique tones, or burnish them with Ironlak colourless blender for a deep finish. Create the bold tonal fields of comic art, or the subtle washes favoured by landscape artists – no matter what the effect, Ironlak’s Premium Colour Pencils will allow you to achieve it. For best results, lay out a preliminary sketch inclusive of your desired tonal range in a neutral colour, and then build and layer on top.

Break Resistant – The brakes are off for non-stop flow.

One of the key ingredients to producing quality pieces is an uninterrupted workflow. Every lead that’s housed inside Ironlak’s Premium Colour Pencils is reinforced between two layers of sturdy Californian cedar, ensuring minimal risk of breakage while in use or transport. This means that you won’t lose productive time to constantly resharpening broken pencils. For optimal results, sharpen pencils to a clean edge prior to starting creative work, and keep a sanding block at hand to quickly touch up worn out sides.

Non-toxic – High key results with a low key impact.

Environmental sustainability is something we take seriously at Ironlak. The wood used in our Premium Colour Pencil line is a natural cedar that’s harvested in California in compliance with FSC certification standards. Our lead is produced from a non-toxic resin that’s safe for consumption, should your pencils find their way into the hands of children. It’s a bonus for you, and a bonus for the environment.