Ironlak Basic Gouache Paint Set – 12 x 12ml Tubes


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Endless options.

Create beautiful works of art with Ironlak’s Basic Gouache Paint Set – 12 x 12ml tubes. Designed for the cost-conscious customer yet offering characteristics similar to professional artist watercolours. A high-performance medium designed to flow easily while painting and dries with a smooth matte finish. It provides an opaque coverage and pure pigmented coluors that are an absolute pleasure to paint.

Endless opportunities.
Experiment with different techniques from staining, dry brushing, and opaque layering. Achieve varying degrees of opacity, allowing layered artwork from dark colours, back to light colours. These lightfast colours won’t fade over time. These paints touch dry in 30 minutes, cure in 24 hours and is water-resistant when dry – a popular poster paint.

Be bright, be bold.

Available in 12 essential colours – ranging from titanium white to eye-searing reds and oranges. Developed for great mixing, this highly pigmented artists set lets you create unique colours palettes! Free your aesthetic vision and meander from verdant greens to oceanic blues, or blend and mix colours while still wet to create unique gradients and fades. Be fully prepared to capture ideas with a well-stocked arsenal of hues, and let your creativity roam unimpeded.

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Dimensions23 × 11 × 2 cm
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