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Ironlak Pump Action Ink Markers

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Ironlak Pump Action Ink Markers are high performance, alcohol based dye ink markers that allow artists controlled output, across a range of techniques on a variety of smooth surfaces including: canvas, concrete, metal, plastic, glass, paper, fabric, cardboard, wood, porcelain and terracotta. Available in 1mm, 3mm, 7mm, 12mm and 15mm nib sizes, allowing for precise and detailed line work or filling large areas. Its dense fibres retain more ink, to produce a continuous ink flow. Not recommended for use on rough concrete and other porous surfaces. Use darker colours for ultimate opacity, or play with ink translucency and bleed-ability to create interesting coloured overlays.

Alcohol based dye ink
Pump Action valve system
Lightfast and permanent
Refillable. Replacement nibs available
Can be applied to most surfaces

Directions For Use For Best Results
Shake well before use.
Pump nib on a test surface to start ink flow
Avoid shaking the marker once nib is juiced
Remove excess ink from nib and cavity before replacing lid tightly for storage
After use, replace lid tightly and store upright
Refill marker by carefully unscrewing the top section
Nib is removable; clean by soaking in rubbing alcohol
Mix with Ironlak alcohol based inks to create custom colours
Replacement nibs and ink refills are sold separately

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