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Ironlak Oozie Ink Mops

Ironlak Oozie Ink Mops

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Ironlak Oozie Ink Mops are designed to offer artists a range of techniques on a variety of surfaces, both in the studio and outside. A soft, squeezable marker body – filled with permanent, alcohol based dye ink – provides ultimate control of ink output: squeeze firmly to create long drips and splatter effects, or use restraint for bold strokes and clean dots. Available in three sizes – 10mm, 15mm, and 23mm – the round synthetic mohair nib allows unique circular line work, shapes and patterns – from thin, to broad. Use darker colours for ultimate opacity, or play with ink translucency and bleed-ability to create interesting coloured overlays.



  • Alcohol based dye ink
  • High quality mohair nib
  • Squeezable body
  • Lightfast and permanent
  • Refillable. Replacement nibs available
  • Can be applied to all surfaces

Directions For Use For Best Results

  • Shake well before use
  • Pump nib on a test surface to start ink flow
  • Squeeze marker body for rapid ink output
  • After use, replace lid tightly and store upright
  • Refill marker by carefully removing the nib
  • Clean by soaking in rubbing alcohol
  • Replacement nibs and ink refills are sold separately
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