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Acclaim Magazine | LUSH Interview

Acclaim Magazine caught a serious interview with graffiti joker LUSH.

Photos: Ben Clement.

Words by Sean Irving.

Graffiti is a blunt instrument of communication; it’s invasive and unwarranted – sneering and aggressive at the best of times. The mantra of the general public, “I only like the colourful stuff” is a constant affirmation of this – the ‘colourful stuff’ is the palatable, stylised iteration of the raw energy of graffiti. Lush isn’t offering something that’s easy to digest, his graffiti is the semantic equivalent of dropping your pants at the middle of a dinner party and taking a piss in the punch bowl – but that doesn’t mean that his work isn’t compelling. “I used to paint normal stuff for ages,” he explains…

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Complex | 50 Greatest Street Artists Right Now.

RJ Rushmore of Vandalog recently catalogued the “50 Greatest Street Artists Right Now” for Complex.

Congratulations to DABS MYLA, LISTER, REKA, NYCHOS and LUSH for making the cut!

See the full list here.

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LUSH | Lazer tits.

LUSH put together this clever little animation recently.

Check it out here.

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Backwoods Gallery | LUSH “ANOTHER SHITHOUSE ‘ART’ SHOW” Opening recap (Video) – Melbourne, Australia.

Here’s a full-tilt recap of the hilarity that occured during LUSH’s show “Another Shithouse ‘Art’ Show” at Melbourne’s Backwoods Gallery on 9 December, 2011.

“Lush’s debut show at Backwoods Gallery in the December of 2010 was met with a mixed response, but controversy has fueled the reputation of the artist who has since gained global recognition for his brutal commentary of street and graffiti art.

One year and an exhibition tour of the states later, we were glad to be present “Another Shithouse “Art” Show” by Lush. The opening night featured round two of the eternal struggle between good and evil, as expressed through the delicate art of backyard wrestling, original illustrations, a video premier, installations and a series of cartoon commentaries on graffiti culture which were also available as a Limited Edition Signed Risograph Zine.” –BackwoodsGallery.

Photos: Backwood Gallery.

Video: Zonk Vision.
*Warning: Extreme content.

More info:

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